Church of the Resurrection, New York

Traditional Liturgy and Music - A Modern Family

Our Story

The small country church atmosphere of our building has long been an attraction, and since 1920, the Anglo-Catholic doctrine and style of worship have been a draw to many from throughout the city and beyond. The ministry of Father Chambers (1949-1962) was of particular distinction.

Our parish family is a small enough one that it is quite possible for a newcomer to know everyone in short order, and we are well known for the friendly welcome given visitors. The congregation has been growing since 1993, and we are always happy to welcome new members. The Choir of our church is a professional ensemble under the direction of David Enlow, an eminently respected organist, and performs a wide repertory of church music with an emphasis on that of the 18th century, often unjustly neglected in church repertoire today.


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