Church of the Resurrection, New York

Traditional Liturgy and Music - A Modern Family

This Month

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Tuesday, February 2, 7 pm

Music: Haydn: Missa Sancti Nicolai

Sunday, February 7, 11 am

Consecration of the Church
Music: Schubert: Mass in C

Sunday, February 14, 11am

Music: Victoria: Missa surge propera

Sunday, February 21, 11am

Lent I
Music: Plainsong: Missa XVII

Sunday, February 28, 11am

Lent II
Music: Lotti: Messa a tre voci


Sunday, March 7, 11am

Lent III (St. Thomas Aquinas)
Music: Palestrina: Missa Sine Nomine

Sunday, March 14, 11am

Lent IV (St. Thomas Aquinas)
Music: Michael Haydn: Missa Quadragesimalis

Sunday, March 21, 11am

Passion Sunday
Music: Victoria: Missa quarti toni

Sunday, March 28, 11am

Palm Sunday
Music: Grossi: Messa a Quattro Voci
Weelkes: Hosanna to the Son of David

Corpus Christi