Church of the Resurrection, New York

Traditional Liturgy and Music - A Modern Family


“Music is only one part of our tradition here and our common life. But it is an important part, and we mean to have the best. The organ we have installed, the organist who plays it, visiting recitalists, our professional choir, and our people raising their own voices – all combine to worship God in this place. For what else are we here?” — Father Swain from “Theology of Music”

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Our professional choir appears over 50 times in the season, each time offering a different setting of the mass. Mass settings at the Resurrection are drawn from all major periods of church music, with a special emphasis on the breathtakingly glorious sacred music of Mozart, Haydn, and their contemporaries, which is often neglected in church music programs of today. Whenever possible, this music is offered with the accompaniment of an orchestral chamber ensemble.


If you wish more information about our program, its music, or positions in the choir, please write to the Organist & Choir Master by e-mail or call 212-535-9666 ext. 122

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Masses take place on Sunday at 11 a.m. unless listed otherwise.