Church of the Resurrection, New York

Traditional Liturgy and Music - A Modern Family

Service Schedules

Sunday Service Schedule
11:00 AM High Mass
Open to the Public Every Week.
Up to 120 may attend. Please avoid roped off pews. Masks must be worn, and those not of the same household must stay six feet apart at all times. Hand sanitizer will be available and should be used immediately upon arrival.

Weekday Service Schedule
Always call to confirm*.  
Changes to the daily mass schedule do occur.

6:00 PM, Low Mass
6:00 PM, Low Mass
6:00 PM, Low Mass
6:00 PM, Low Mass
11.30 AM, Confessions
12:00 Noon, Low Mass, followed by the Rosary

*During the Summer months many of the weekday masses are cancelled.

Please Note: Because of Department of Health rules regarding our school, the evening Masses above can only be held with open doors if a member of the congregation or a friend of the Church is to be present (in order to make sure that no stranger has strayed into school space, which would trigger an overnight need for the full sanitizing protocol), so unless Father Swain receives a telephone call on his mobile phone number (646-895-2109), a text or an email to the Masses will be said, but the doors will not be opened. He is more than happy to have people at Mass, but you must let him know in advance so that he knows it is safe to open the doors as a member of the Church or friend will be there to observe any breaking of health protocols. This does NOT apply to Saturday or Sunday masses, since school is not in session and full sanitizing is always done before opening on Mondays.

Descriptions of Services

Solemn High Mass - Offered at 11.00 AM on Sundays. This is the centerpiece of our worship, celebrated with full ceremonial, incense, hymns, sermon, and a choral Mass setting, often with orchestra. It lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are occasionally Solemn High Masses on weeknights throughout the year (e.g., Epiphany, Candlemas, Ascension, Corpus Christi, etc.). Please see This Month for specific services.

Low Mass - This service is a simple 30-minute Eucharist, without music or sermon. Low Mass contains all the essential elements of the Eucharist, and many worshipers find its simplicity appealing.

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament - Offered at 5.00 PM every Sunday immediately after Solemn Evensong. This is a service of devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ in his sacramental presence, in which the consecrated Eucharistic bread is displayed in a container called a monstrance and with which the priest blesses the congregation. Solemn Evensong and Benediction together normally last about one hour.

The Holy Rosary - Offered every Saturday immediately following the noon mass. This is a meditative devotion on events in the lives of Jesus and Mary, using a string of prayer beads, in which the traditional prayers Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be are repeated. The repetition of prayers is an ancient method of meditation used by many of the world’s religions. Mass and the Rosary together last about 50 minutes.

Stations of the Cross- Often offered during Lent. This is a service of fourteen meditations on the Suffering and Crucifixion of Jesus. It is often followed by Benediction.

Sung Mass - Usually offered at 11.00 AM on Sundays during the summer. This is a one-hour, simpler version of Solemn High Mass, including hymns, a sermon, and a mass setting for congregational singing.

Choir singing